Who is Carl and what’s his deal?


Hi my name is Carl, I’m a watch lover, keen boater and internet blogger with a number of websites under my belt. My one man company ‘Cool Banana’ has been keeping me busy for a number of years now, but it’s only recently I decided to do something with the domain cool-banana.net. After leaving the domain running in the wilderness and occasionally publishing some social content it’s time to put it to work. More about this later.

But who am I and what’s my story?

I’m a real person, that’s me down there. Over the years I’ve worked in many jobs and most recently spent the last decade incarl scutt the tech industry. At the same time, I’ve been studying hard trying to grasp internet marketing and although I have a lot of knowledge I am still learning every day. It’s really a nonstop learning curve, but success in this business, like any other is only possible through lots of hard work.

The good news is building websites is much easier now. In my previous life I had to code everything by hand, now WordPress does all the work for me…nice :o)

It’s been roller coaster ride for me over the last decade or so, after living and working in London, Bristol and Barcelona, I am lucky enough to live in southern Spain, just across the water from North Africa. The Mediterranean sun and culture suits me perfectly, after leaving the rain and wind of the UK I feel more alive here than I ever did there. Now I spend my free time with my family, friends, and fiancé. If I get a chance I like to get out ON or UNDER the water depending on my mood. Boats are cool and scuba is exciting, but I hardly ever get the time to following my interests because of a hectic work schedule.

Back on dry land, I like wine and tapas but sadly it’s taking its toll on my waistline, so after the summer I’m definitely cutting down on everything.Tapas in Banus

Tapas in Puerto Banus, (right) Marbella, with Mum, Dad, Sisters, and Fiancé. We all live in Southern Spain apart from ‘BIG SIS’ to my left. She lives in the UK visits when she wants some sunshine.


Of course, living in a popular holiday destination isn’t easy during the holiday season. I know, I know, I can not complain, but I’m only human and fighting through the traffic and the enormous queues in the supermarkets during these periods makes everyday life difficult. That’s why I take my holidays elsewhere. Honestly, I never thought I would be one of those people with a selfie stick, but it turned out to be invaluable during our holiday to Rhodes Island.


Why Cool Banana Net?

The cool banana net began as my company name and the domain was registered to give me and email address. Over the years I have worked on other domains but left the cool banana domain to fend for itself. After leaving it in the wilderness for so long it struck me I should do something within. Then I had a thought.

What if I use the domain to offered readers a place to come for cool stuff in general? I mean, I like looking at cool stuff and wasting time online checking stuff out, but I do waste a lot of that time in-between sites.

What if I could collate a bunch of cool stuff and offer it to my readers? There’re tons of sites out there to you busy all day and all night but I want to create a place for you to come and check out the latest cool stuff without needing to go searching all over the ‘InterWeb’. I ‘m going to try to check out all these cool things for you and offer a personal insight for you.

Ultimately, I ‘d like to create a ‘Kick Ass’ resource giving my readers some ideas about the stuff that’s out there.
If you have any ideas or opinions I encourage you to speak out and make yourself heard, I will always invite discussion and comments so let it rip!..

I’m really looking forward to building out this site and forming a relationship with all my readers and as I just said, I want you to leave questions and comments, telling what you think about my site. If there’s something you particularly want to see please let me know what and I’ll try to deliver. Oh, and if you like the site please give it a share to left others to know what’s coming :o)

Until we speak, take care.

Avanti !!

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